Monday, July 22, 2013


I was so excited because the boys are finally old enough to play some city sports.  We signed them up for soccer this summer.  They didn't really know how to play, but they understood that you kick the ball in the goal.  Good enough! It is so fun to watch them play.  They play 4 kids at a time on a team and they just run around in a big group kicking at whatever they can hoping to kick the ball in the middle of all of that.  They boys have fun playing.  They especially love the treats at the end of the game.  Scott and I have fun watching, we are constantly cheering and yelling at the boys to run and kick the ball.  We can be a little too competitive at times.  

We signed Macey up for city gymnastics.  She has been wanting to do gymnastics for awhile and we finally let her.  She loves it!  She does flips, head stands, and cartwheels all day long.  She is pretty good too!

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Janeen said...

Way to go, Cole and Carter; Little soccer studs! And how fun for Macey to be in gymnastics!