Saturday, August 3, 2013

Macey's Baptism Day

My baby Macey got baptized today.  It's crazy how time flies and can't believe I have an 8 year old.  It was a very special day today.  My week has been crazy with me being gone at girls' camp and then come home and get ready for the baptism, but it couldn't have gone any smoother and more perfect.  Macey did great getting baptized by Scott and she looked so pretty in her dress.  We then had the family come over for lunch and cake and presents since I wasn't home for Macey's birthday.  She got really cute jewelry for her baptism and some fun clothes and a ton of earrings.  We then went and got her ears pierced later this afternoon.  She was really nervous that it was going to hurt, but she was brave and let them do it.  She said it hurt a little bit but was really happy she did it.  They sure look cute.  It was a fun and special day, definitely one we will never forget.


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Janeen said...

Congrats, Macey!